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  • メーカー/原産地: 59634169dcfa8331c6fe4860
  • 商品の状態: 新品
  • 発送国: 日本
  • 平均配送日数: 7~14 営業日
  • 商品説明: Women Roupa Ciclismo Cycling Jerseys/Breathable Bicycle Cycling Clothing/Quick-Dry Bike Sportsear Sports Suit
Welcome to my store!

Jersey:100% Polyester
Pants: 80% Polyester&20% lycra
COOLMAX:quick-dry function and make you feel more comfortable
Feature: Quick-drying
1. Highly Breathable and superior wicking performance fabric cycling gear ultimately keeping you dry and cool.Even you're sweaty, the Jersey never adhere to your skin.
2. To help the players even in the most adverse circumstances can maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity, and discharge sweat; which we believe will also help to achieve your best performance.
3. Hidden front zipper.
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

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