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商品説明Women Breast Maternity Bras Sleep Nursing Bras Pregnant Feeding Breastfeeding Underwear Clothes Size M-XL Fast Delivery)
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Style: simple and comfortable
Strap:fixed shoulders with no Closure
Function: comfortable sleeping/breastfeeding/nursing
Net Weight: (Approx) 84-96g
Item Includes:
1 * Women's nursing Bra
1 inch =2.54cm

SIZEt Bustt Fits For
Mt 68-75cm/26.77""-29.52""t 32/70BCD,34/75B
Lt 76-82cm/29.92""-32.28""t 34/75BCD,36/80BC
XLt 83-89cm/32.67""-35.04""t 36/80CD,38/85BCD"
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